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Hi. My name is Paul Irvine from paul-irvine.com.

You’re probably wondering who I am, what I’m all about and most importantly…how I can help you with your online business.

Well, I came from 15 years in the corporate IT field, doing everything from desktop setups to networking to setting up multiple servers for banks, corporations and international finance houses.

But those days are long behind me now…

Now, it’s all about me helping others online get to grips with the technologies required to run an online business.

The difference is…I leave the jargon at the door.

Trying to fathom all this out as a non-techie is bad enough without having words like firewalls, CDNs, SSL and all the rest of it thrown at you.

So, I like to keep it simple.

I find ways to relate these horrible nasty terms in every day plain English.

Or if that’s not possible, I do my best to keep it simple and painless.

I make the technology easy!

Over time, I’ll be adding blog posts, useful articles, videos, tips…everything and anything that I know can help you settle in with Hosting, WordPress, Security and getting the most from your website…you’ll find it here.

And as for training courses, I have a number available to purchase through my products link at the top (coming soon).

So in the meantime have a browse around, get yourself added to my list where I share even MORE stuff with you, hold regular chats, webinars and all other good stuff.

Thanks again,