X number of or X percentage of people are hacked on a daily basis and lose their business, their longevity, time and profit…

If you’ve been online and started making moves in any single industry on any single wave, you know for a fact how important it is to have three factors, site security, site speed, and most importantly, ongoing site maintenance.

While getting your site security and speed are the most important tasks… Ongoing site maintenance will be the one that either upkeeps your defences or they can’t keep out any new “nasties” online.

As a business owner, you know for a fact there are only two things that guarantee sales for you when it comes to using a website:

Making sure the site is secure so people can spend their money with peace of mind… And keeping your site loading quickly.

If your site isn’t up to scratch, and speedy, people will leave your website.

So why the hell should you care about maintenance?

Well, if your site is not maintained over time, a new security bug could crawl in and cause browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari all to show a site security warning… which will cause people to leave your website.

Look, the bottom line is you’ll be losing revenue every single day if something happens to get around your defences, even if it takes a skilled coder half a day, that’s still a half-days revenue lost needlessly.

Introducing Phoenix Shield

Phoenix Shield is proprietary or is the intellectual property and proprietary software methodology that comes from one and only Paul Irvine, who has used his background in IT consultancy to build together a fortress around your website so no one could attack you and succeed using the current methods of site attack.

As you’ve guessed it, Phoenix Shield speeds up your site too.

The beauty is that you’re left with a fortress ready and armed to defend you.

The methodology is quite simple.

By installing a set of plugins to your website and cleaning up your hosting so you’re fully supported, preventing your site from being disrupted during any attack.

The good news… Paul handles all aspects of what makes Phoenix Shield.

Speed, security, ongoing site maintenance

A note on Site Speed…

We all know that site speed is absolutely important for a sales, engagement, and ensuring you have returning customers.

These four factors are all determined by speed.

If your website is not loading in 3 seconds customers will be leaving your website.

Readers are leaving your blogs. Viewers aren’t listening or watching your content.

In the end, you’re likely to be sat there, wondering why you spent so much money for something that isn’t producing an income or becoming an asset for you.

See what Harlan Kilstein of The Dogington Post Website said

“Highest recommendation.

I recently hired Paul Irvine to speed up DogingtonPost.

Now the site was loading very slowly.

Paul tracked down the problems, set up a new server, shrunk the size of all the pictures on our site (in the thousands), set up high speed caching, optimized plugins, and did much more work on the site.

You know me – I call it as I see it. I have nothing but the highest regard for his craftsmanship.

Our site now loads in about a second which is a huge improvement.

I’m beyond delighted and impressed.”

Have the high ground

With Phoenix Shield, we build a moat, a fortress, and line the wall with state of the art “archers” to ensure that nothing comes close to messing with your website ever again.

You effectively have the high-ground.

Just like Obi-wan did.

If anyone tries to hack or attack your site, you’re defended.

The man behind Phoenix Shield

Name: Paul Irvine.

Nickname: Gandalf Kenobi.

As a huge nerd in security, pop culture, and business, I’m effectively the grey Jedi of security. Using my bag of strategies, no underhanded people can break your security line.


Hi, I’m Paul Irvine. 

This is my experience. These are the companies I’ve worked for. 

 But more importantly, when I left that world, what I found was that websites were vulnerable online. 

 They didn’t understand how to hold themselves in a protective manner and ensure their businesses were running smoothly. 

 In fact, it used to drive me insane when I would see other business owners out there repeatedly yelling that site security was so unimportant until they were hacked.

Today’s hackers are more intense

There’s a bigger number of them, and they’ve realised it’s a profitable business to syphon off emails and details from your website and sell them on the insidious dark web.

Now, the question to you is, do you, as a business, have a moral and ethical obligation to protect your customers coming to your website and to protect yourself and your assets.

If you say yes, and you agree with me, then site security is exactly what you need, and Phoenix Shield is here to deliver it.

With [x decades] of experience in IT and digital security, and knowing exactly how corporate level websites and securities work and are built… I bring that same experience and knowledge to your site.

You can save for over a decade of experience

Imagine having a playbook for the hackers known strategies for your business and countering them before they even employ them.

It’s like being a Chess Grandmaster… You’re moves ahead, and your would-be attackers are still lost wondering why they can’t get close.

That’s what Phoenix Shield is at its core.

We’re here to make sure your site speed is up, ensure your site security and keep up the maintenance.

So not only does the speed of your defences get quicker and the user experience get better, but now everyone is protected at the same time.”

It’s up to you which way you want to go first, but I always recommend starting with site security.

Followed up by site speed as you can always increase your speed, but ensuring your site can handle the new speed without exposing any weaknesses.

If this sounds right to you, then click on our pricing list and see if we can work together.

Phoenix Shield Options

“NOTE: We only work exclusively on WordPress”.

The five big benefits of site security and maintenance ensures that you are always protected from hackers trying to break into your website.

  1. Your customers are protected.
  2. You don’t lose profit.
  3. You don’t go down because of a hack and lose profit on that day.
  4. You don’t stress out, have peace of mind.
  5. You have the freedom to keep building your business, knowing that it’s protected, that your assets are protected immediately.

Don’t just take our word for it

Highest Recommendation

“You know me – I call it as I see it.
I have nothing but the highest regard for his craftsmanship. I’m beyond delighted and impressed.”


Nothing But Good Experiences

I’ve always been really happy with Paul’s work. He’s an honest person which is important to have from a tech guy. I have nothing but good experiences from Paul.


Synonymous with Exceptional Service

“To me, the name Paul Irvine is synonymous with exceptional service. He doesn’t just care about getting a job done, he focuses on long-term solutions that drastically impact your business success.

I am not someone that’s “tech savvy” by any means. But the thought of losing opportunities and more importantly – thousands of dollars, due to my site being down/offline for any reason, was enough of a wake-up call.

If you don’t have anyone fighting to keep your company safe, look no further. All of Paul’s services can ensure that you’re saved from countless headaches and sleepless nights. He’s always there when you need him, just like a fresh cup of coffee after an all-nighter. Please, make sure that the work you’re doing is safe. Your online business success depends on it.”


“One of my favourite CTOs!”


“Paul is a domain & hosting wizard!”


“Paul is a freaking genius”


We only work exclusively on WordPress