Just a few hours ago there was a Wordfence security bulletin issued regarding a newly discovered Zero day security vulnerability inside the popular browsers Firefox and TOR.

As WordFence bulletins go, this is unprecedented as their updates usually focus on WordPress security issues.

The advice at this time is to close down all firefox sessions and refrain from using the browser until a security patch has been released.

With Mozilla, this usually comes out fast and I will update this post once it happens.

In the meantime I would advise taking the following steps to avoid the FireFox zero day vulnerability:

  • Close down all sessions of  Firefox immediately
  • Use Chrome or similar alternative in the meantime
  • Signup to my site alerts to know when it’s safe to use FireFox again

Update: 30th November 12:38GMT

Mozailla has within the last few hours released a patch to take FireFox to 50.0.1.

This is NOT a fix for the zero day vulnerability so the same warning remains in place for the time being.

Update: 1st December 09:32GMT

Fix for Firefox has just been released.
(Latest version is now 50.0.2)
It should auto update on next launch but here are the steps to do it manually if needed.
1. Launch Firefox, select the hamburger button (3 lines/dots top right of screen)
2. Click the ‘?’ then ‘About’
3. PopUp will appear and will start the update process.
4. ENSURE it says you are running 50.0.2
5. Go back to normal
6. Happy days 😀
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