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When it comes to website security, WordPress in this instance, some of us know of its importance, yet many still choose to put it into the after-thought category.

Even though the majority of users running WordPress websites are aware of the problem, they don’t actively acknowledge it until it’s too late.

So, as this is my area that I’m deadly passionate about, I want to give out a huge thank you to Nathalie Lussier for her recent blog post.

In it Nathalie says…

“I’ve been on my fair share of inexpensive hosts that lead to “hacks” and malware being installed on your website. Trust me: you don’t want to waste your precious time as a startup entrepreneur dealing with this type of stuff.”

And she’s absolutely right!

If you’ve got a personal or hobby site going then running on a shared hosting set up is all fair and well.

But, if you’re in business and your website is a key element of this business, you’ve got to invest in the hosting as seriously as you do with other elements of your business.

The dangers of running your business websites on a shared hosting package are well documented and trust me…they will happen to your site eventually.

  • In many cases shared services on the larger, more well known hosts (such as HostGator, Bluehost etc.) are woefully underpowered, potentially leading to a slow and unpleasant experience for your site visitors
  • You’re sharing resources with other people, you have no control over your minimum resources so if the other owners sites start to spike, it will affect your own sites performance
  • If someone else on the same server gets hacked, there’s a high chance that your site will be infected too

The bottom line is, on shared hosting you are leaving yourself open to all kinds of problems, from hackers, malware and of course…those you share the server with.

So What Can You Do To Minimize The Dangers?

Well ultimately, you need to shift over to a hosting package that is designed for businesses.

Yes, the investment in terms of cost is higher, but you will quickly realise that it was well worth the additional cost.

  • The hosting you run on is YOURS. You get EXACTLY the resources that you pay for. Period.
  • No one else can cause your website to slow down, crash or give your visitors a woeful experience.
  • As long as you keep your server secure and maintain your updates you greatly minimize the chances of being hacked.


Not able to switch hosting just now?

If you’re not in a position to switch your hosting elsewhere just now, there are still things you can do to help secure your websites.

You can download my easy to follow check list by [cp_modal id=”cp_id_b14be”]clicking here[/cp_modal] that will take you through everything you need to do to help secure your website.

[cp_modal id=”cp_id_b14be”]Click here to download your free wordpress security checklist[/cp_modal]


And here’s my special offer to you…

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